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3 Year Old Programs
Extended Day - Enrichment 3-Year-Old Program

Welcome to Monday Afternoon Art Enrichment

During our enrichment time together we will inspire your child's imagination and self-expression with a class full of hands-on art activities.  Through painting, sculpture, drawing, and much more our enrichment class will encourage confidence and artistic exploration.  I can't wait to make many happy memories with your child.  

Welcome to Tuesday Afternoon Preschool Explorers


Enrichment.  We are delighted to have your child join our Preschool Explorers class.  We hope to awaken your child's inquisitive mind about the world around them.  Our topics will include Social Studies, Geography, Travel, Communities, Cultures, and Animals.

Our class will engage in games, crafts, and activities related to the many themes throughout the year.  We will expand on their regular curriculum as we incorporate Language Arts and Math skills into our afternoons.  

Welcome to Wednesday Afternoon Preschool Explorers


Enrichment.   During our enrichment time together, we will host a different author each week.  We will engage in a range of activities that foster your child's development and learning, moving, painting, investigating, communication, and problem-solving.  We will do all this while having loads of fun and enjoying time with friends.  

Welcome to Thursday Afternoon STEM Enrichment


Together we will spark your child's natural interest and provide a hands-on environment while exploring everyday math and science concepts through the STEM approach.  We will try many experiments, support new vocabulary development, a new curiosity, and develop critical thinking skills and persistence, all while having fun with new friends!

Your preschooler will be introduced to Earth, Life and Physical Sciences as well as working on age-appropriate math concepts.  We will introduce number concepts, one-to-one correspondence, patterning, and simple fractions (whole, half, quarter).    

Welcome to Friday Afternoon Phonics Enrichment


During our enrichment time, we will build your child's foundation for reading in a positive stress-free environment.  We will also inspire your child's imagination and self-expression through the wonderful world of books and stories.  Your child will engage in a range of activities from art projects and science experiments related to a story, beginning letter identification and letter writing, phonics, all while having fun and enjoying time with friends.   

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