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The 3-year-old program at St. Teresa of Avila preschool provides a well-rounded educational experience for your child.  Each day starts and ends with a prayer, helping to create a positive and peaceful environment that supports children's social-emotional growth. 


Circle time, including the pledge, weather, calendar, and songs, helps to build language skills and foster a love of learning.  Regular outside play provides opportunities for children to develop gross motor skills, and snack time offers a chance to learn about healthy habits.  During center time, children are encouraged to explore and learn through hands-on activities that help to build fine motor skills and foster creativity. 


Projects and activities, storytime, and prayers help to create a sense of community and routine, and goodbyes at the end of the day provide a gentle transition.  Specials, including library and music time, provide additional opportunities for children to explore their interests and engaging educational experience that helps your child reach their full potential.   

Daily Schedule

Arrival  and Centers 

Arts and Crafts

Morning Prayer

Outside Play Time


Snack Time




Closing Prayer


Specials: Music &  Library 

Lawlor, Barbara.jpg

Barbara Lawlor


4 Year Old - 5 Day

Finch, Mary Jane.jpg

Mary Jane Finch

Teacher Aide

4Year Old - 5 Day

Jean Marriott


4 Year Old - 4 Day

Deanne Reddy


3 Year Old - 5 Day

Fay, Diane.jpg

Diane Fay 


4 Year Old - 5 Day

Melissa Phillips

Teacher Aide

4 Year Old - 5 Day

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